Spritual Medium

Lee Ashley has touched thousands of lives in dozens of countries with her ability to convey clear, specific messages from those who have passed. With compassion and humor, she leaves you with no doubt of the continuity of life after death.

Lee was aware of her ability to receive messages from spirit as a small child.  Although she studied psychology, and earned a degree in law, she ultimately found the universal laws to be more compelling. As she turned to her Cree elders to understand and develop her abilities, she realized they were of value to others. Her path blossomed into a career that has spanned 20+ years of service worldwide.

Lee is one of a small number of mediums (along with television personalities ”Long Island Medium” Theresa Caputo, and ”The Haunting Of’…” Kim Russo) certified by the non-profit Forever Family Foundationan organization dedicated to providing grief support to the bereaved and to scientifically researching the survival of consciousness after physical death.

Lee’s clients share that they resolve family issues, release their fear of dying, and are transformed to move forward with their lives.

As well as offering private sessions and group readings, Lee helps others to develop their psychic and mediumship abilities through classes, retreats, workshops and ceremonies.