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Lee Ashley, Certified Medium

Lee Ashley is an internationally-known certified medium, teacher and spiritual healer whose love and intuitive guidance transforms lives and communities around the world.

Lee shares her spiritual guidance and healings through prophetic readings, personal development workshops, healings and speaking events. Throughout the years, Lee has finely tuned her abilities and is now known for her evidential accuracy and powerful healing capabilities.

Growing up in Alberta, Canada among her Cree elders, Lee was guided by her spiritual  intuition at a young age. It was through her communities native prayer circles and ceremonies that Lee learned spiritual guides exist among us within a variety different forms, including our ancestors.

With the mission of aligning the mind, body and spirit as one, Lee teaches each person to embrace their god-given abilities and trust the intuitive path the Universe provides within them.

Lee Ashley Certified Medium
Lee Ashley Certified Medium



Lee Ashley is one of the small group of mediums certified by the Forever Family Foundation, an organization dedicated to scientifically researching the survival of consciousness after physical death.

Lee provides private individual readings, group readings, as well as gallery-style readings for large groups.

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Private Readings

For over twenty years, Lee Ashley has been reuniting people with their loved ones on “the spirit side of life.”

Lee’s ability to interpret clear communication with the spirit world provides very personal, detailed “evidential” messages from loved ones. Lee demonstrates that we are not alone, both God and our loved ones are with us. whether in physical world or somewhere else

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Group Readings

Group medium reading events provide an interesting dynamic and a wonderful opportunity to experience spiritual communications. The messages Lee receives during a group reading is dependent on the energy the group creates. This is limited to eight individuals who desire a unique experience connecting with loved ones. The environment is supportive and compassionate and will help in the healing process. With family and friends present, you can help each other to identify loved ones coming through in spirit and can benefit from the multiple messages that coming through.
Healing and Guidance
Lee empowers people to move past negative blocks, heal trauma and thrive.
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Spiritual and Holistic Healing

Lee uses her intuition to help clients use their own internal powers for healing and manifesting. Everyone heals differently, so Lee has a toolbox full of different techniques and approaches. Lee offers private healing sessions for your mental, physical and spiritual well-being.


Personalized sessions are all about you, whether  be about relationships, health, business, or personal development in general, the goal is to assist you in defining and achieving your life purpose, or to overcome any other struggles you may be experiencing mentally and emotionally.

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Helping you understand certain aspects of your body that may not be operating at its highest potential, Lee offers a healing process of personal growth and spiritual development where different holistic practices are explored to heal your physical body.


Getting a spiritual tune-up from time to time to make sure that we have balance and properly remove negative blocks help heal physical or emotional  trauma. Your journey may be complete in one session or may require several ongoing sessions.

Events & Workshops

Lee offers classes, workshops and speaking events to assist you in your spiritual growth. If you are committed and willing to practice and grow with the work you will be amazed at what you are capable of.

Workshops & Classes

Lee’s workshops develop your intuition personally and professionally. Some of what you will discover includes a wealth of individual exercises designed to hone your abilities and awareness, prayers and meditative methods to quiet the mind and bring you into a state of allowing as your gifts and capacities come forward and unfold and how to access the energetic field and communicate with it for the highest possibilities in healing and in every area of your life.



Retreats are a great way to find true healing. This process will allow you to release the beliefs that hold you back from living a better life!

Speaking Engagements

Speaking Engagements

Lee offers talks on intuition and spiritual growth as well as large gallery style readings for groups. She has spoken to thousands of people throughout her career and has empowered them to operate from a higher awareness. She is able to give readings in any type of atmosphere and facilitates deep, guided healings to large and small groups alike.

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